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JESTMASTER’S FOOLERY SHOPPE is an amazing online catalog featuring PERFORMER ESSENTIALS: Everything you need if you are a professional or aspiring performer of any kind—UNIQUE UNUSUAL USEABLES: Everything you want if you are looking for distinctive gifts, and all kinds of way cool stuff!—THE MUSIC SHOPPE: Everything from supplies to instruments for the serious musician. All that and great prices too!

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Doctor Who T-Shirts


Doctor Who T-Shirts

from 16.00

If you love every single one of the Doctors from the BBC's hit television show, Doctor Who, then these tees are for you!  Machine washable.

Doctor Who Van Gogh Pandorica Opens T-Shirt: Inspired by the "Vincent and the Doctor" episode from the 5th season that marked the 11th Doctor's debut on the Doctor Who television show, this Doctor Who Van Gogh Pandoric Opens T-Shirt is a high-quality dark blue t-shirt. Featuring an artistic design of a group of colliding, exploding TARDISes, this shirt makes a great and unique gift for any fan of this celebrated British export on BBC. 

This Doctor Who All Doctors and TARDIS Collage Black T-Shirt features a collage of every actor who has every portrayed Doctor Who on the television show; William Hartnell's 1st Doctor is in an inquisitive pose, Patrick Troughton's 2nd Doctor playing one of his flutes, John Pertwee's 3rd Doctor with a worried look on his face, Tom Baker's 4th Doctor in an arcane pose, Peter Davison's 5th Doctor staying dapper, Colin Baker's 6th Doctor with a stern look about him, Sylvester McCoy's 7th Doctor looking morbid, Paul McGann's 8th Doctor worried about time with pocket watch in hand, Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor in a relaxed and happy state, David Tennant's 10th Doctor appearing dour, and Matt Smith's 11th Doctor in solemn concentration as he aims and uses his Sonic Screwdriver. This is one amazing shirt that true fans of Doctor Who would be crazy not to get.

Doctor Who Logo of Words Navy Blue T-Shirt features the "DW" Doctor Who logo created out of a vast array of character quotes from the 11th Doctor and his companions. Don't let this excellent shirt pass you by!

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