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JESTMASTER’S FOOLERY SHOPPE is an amazing online catalog featuring PERFORMER ESSENTIALS: Everything you need if you are a professional or aspiring performer of any kind—UNIQUE UNUSUAL USEABLES: Everything you want if you are looking for distinctive gifts, and all kinds of way cool stuff!—THE MUSIC SHOPPE: Everything from supplies to instruments for the serious musician. All that and great prices too!

Run by theater professionals Jon Koons and Mikki Ryan Koons, we know what you need-- and what you (don't) want to pay for it!


S2 Stilts Double Support

JestMaster's Foolery Shoppe


We can't list all of the 10,000 products we purvey, so if there's anything you need that you don't see, or something you think might possibly exist that you want, let us know and we'll find it for you!

S2 Stilts Double Support


S2 Stilts Double Support

from 239.00

WHY CHOOSE S2 Stilts? - Double side-pole design improves balance. - Wraparound leg band for extra comfort and support. - Magnesium component stilt saves weight and enhances your daily productivity. - The only double sided stilts on the market today. - Relieves strain on the knees and back compared to other single sided models. - Unique design enables a secure vertical adjustment that does not have to push on the calf to feel secure. - Repair is easy with our convenient kits...simply buy the kit you need, replace the worn parts and you're back in business!

Aluminum- 2 MODELS: FSS2-1830A : Adds 18" - 30" to your height. Aluminum, weighs 15 lbs. FSS2-2440A : Adds 24" - 40" to your height. Aluminum, weighs 16 lbs.

S2Mag FEATURES - All the features of the original SII plus the extra lightweight features thanks to Magnesium components. - Magnesium features better wear characteristics and enhanced durability. - Stronger, lighter side poles and extension parts. - Lightweight Magnesium construction saves 2 POUNDS! FSS2-1830M : Adds 18" - 30" to your height. Magnesium 14.5 lbs. FSS2-2440M : Adds 24"- 40" to your height. Magnesium 15.5lbs

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